Salmon n' Bannock


Salmon n' Bannock

I remarked once about why there weren't any Native American restaurants, where I grew up, in Winnipeg. Considering that we extensively studied Aboriginal culture in school and there was a relatively large population of Native Americans in the area, I was surprised that not even one restaurant existed.

Any of the foods we tried on field trips were delicious, so when we learned  of Salmon n' Bannock, a restaurant in Vancouver that serves First Nations cuisine, we stopped in for some bannock and way too much salmon. 

Everything was delicious and the owners of the restaurant were so kind. We shared salmon mousse and a game sampler platter: cured arctic musk ox, smoked bison carpaccio,  and spicy game chorizo served with with cedar jelly and a blueberry chutney... all on bannock crackers. 

To end the meal, we split a Saskatoon berry sorbet that tasted like home. 
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