to do2

Remember this list ?

Wedding's over, jobs are long gone, and the new owners are probably settling into our old house right now.

We brought some of our belongings with us on the road trip to Toronto to give to friends and family. We have a loose itinerary planned but our goal is to sort out our first month of travel when we are in a warmer and less expensive locale. Although, the whole point of this around-the-world trip is to be "free". We are looking forward to booking last minute flights when we want to leave a city or deciding that we want to stay in a certain spot for a couple of days, weeks, or months.

At the moment, we're hanging out in Toronto and trying to figure out how to get the H1N1 vaccine. Although we had a great time in Chicago, we don't feel our actual trip has started just yet, as our intent was to follow the sun and, while not as bad as Winnipeg, Toronto is gloomy and cold and we want to get going!

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  1. oh yes that elusive H1N1 vaccine. i hope toronto is better supplied than winnipeg, we seem to be running out of the vaccine left, right & centre.

    your spontaneity & flexibility is fabulous. i can't wait to see where your feet lead you!


    ps. honestly, i can't say enough how much i love your blog & your trip. completely in love.

  2. Oh, I can't wait to see where you two end up! :) It's going to be an incredible journey to witness. Best of luck with that H1N1 vaccine. It's a tricky one to find...

  3. I CAN'T WAIT to see those wedding photos!!

    I know what you mean about the gloom & cold not feeling like a real trip... I think that's one of the drawbacks of growing up in a colder climate.


  4. so exciting, i love corssing thing soff the list!

  5. wow,that list !! It must be a long way now from then:)

    And I really can't wait to see the wedding photos !

    It was really a huge idea to go on a trip all around with quitting jobs and house no more ! But way to go both of you <3

  6. Oh yes, please tell us about the wedding!