el tule



After leafing through some Oaxaca guidebooks, we decided to venture out to see the biggest tree (but not the tallest) in the world. It also happens to be the largest single biomass on earth.

en route to el tule

The 20 minute walk to the bus station was noisy, hot and muggy and definitely was not frequented by tourists. Upon entering the bus station, we had a feeling that this ride might be a little different than the first class bus we took into Oaxaca. Why would we think that?

1) We saw a lady carrying a cardboard box with a live chicken poking out of it.

2) This was our bus:

Just kidding, here’s the actual bus we took:

The locals would stand on the side of the street to flag down the bus - although, there were designated stops as well. We can't explain their attire, the sun was so hot.

The tree is located in the town of El Tule, about 30 minutes (on this bus) from Oaxaca. We arrived at the tree and walked around the area that had a church and some random plants and topiaries.

There were many cafes and shops full of handmade items. We decided to grab a hamburguesa and a fanta. The language barrier makes it difficult to order food sometimes so we’re always a little concerned that our selections have been lost in translation.

You may be wondering if there is more to this post. No, there is not. We spent our day visiting a large tree.

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  1. Wow, it is a huge tree. I can totally understand spending the day visiting it - after all, it's not everywhere that you get to see the biggest tree in the world.

  2. thank you for posting your adventures! i have been a follower for awhile and you both have truly inspired me. i can't wait to do this.

  3. But that's what makes it so awesome!

    I want to travel around the US to find the most absurd things...aka: worlds biggest ball of yarn or perhaps the worlds biggest frying pan???

  4. The clouds... wow.

  5. Love these photos!!! Very expressive.

  6. Hi. You just commented on my blog HiPParis and I went to see your blog. And there you are in Oaxaca, where we are flying to on Saturday! Any tips will be appreciated! When do you go to Paris? All the best. - Erica

  7. how fun to catch local transport, that bus looks cool!

  8. the photo with clouds and church is wonderful...surreal light

  9. that tree is fantastic! love all your beautiful photos!!!

  10. Anonymous2.1.10

    your outfit is so cute :) love those sunnies