hola, oaxaca


From Mexico City to Oaxaca on a first class bus:

We ‘splurged’ and spent $10 more for a platinum bus. The seats are incredibly large and recline just far enough for it to still be considered a seat and not a bed. However, it was still a bus ride in the middle of the night, so it could only be so comfortable. 6 hours and a lot of noises and sharp turns later, we arrived in Oaxaca. We stayed at Casa Ollin - a quaint bed and breakfast that is a short walk away from the tourist areas.

Every morning, we would have a traditional Oaxacan/Mexican breakfast. Some of the items were quite unusual, but always delicious and always accompanied with home made muffins and freshly squeezed orange juice.

The view from our balcony:

Most of our days in Oaxaca were spent just wandering around, with no specific itinerary. The weather was always perfect, which made it all the more relaxing.

While in Oaxaca, we also experienced Los Posadas. This basically meant we fell asleep to the sound of fireworks every night and woke up to the sound of (what sounded like) hundreds of children rehearsing well known Christmas carols, in Spanish, at the top of their lungs. For 9 days before Christmas, there are always festivities, parades and parties in the streets.

We are now in Guatemala but will be posting about our time in Oaxaca for the next few days. We hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season - it has definitely been a different and unusual experience for us this year!

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  1. that view from your window is unreal!

    i love the idea of little mexican children hollering out christmas carols in the wee morning.

    can't wait to see guatemala!!

  2. Exactly! I thought that balcony view was a painting. Looks amazing!

  3. Amazing! 9 days of celebrating before Christmas? Why don't we do that in America... sheesh!

  4. I have to second everyone else - the view from the balcony is gorgeous and unreal! :-)

  5. Anonymous27.12.09

    I love that the 'Platinum' bus ride is a spesh travelling treat, you are making me feel a whole lot better about booking 10 Euro accommodation to sleep in what appears to be a barn.

  6. Just visited your site for the first time. Great entry on your Oaxaca travels. is that picture of the balcony a painting? Christmas in Mexico is a special event.