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things we'll miss - backyard lounging

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I built this deck 2 years ago - and it's still together! We've enjoyed many BBQ meals on it. We're going to have to make sure we put our feet up and relax one last time before we move. - Alex

should it stay or should it go? - the finale.

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Even though we said no more gifts, Alex surprised me with a fisheye no. 2 lomo camera. I can't decide whether we should add another item to bags...

things we'll miss - home cooked meals

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While traveling, we'll likely be eating out a lot. Not only because we'd like to try different restaurants, but also because it can be more cost effective at times as well as convenient when we don't have the necessary appliances/utensils. We decided to attempt making pizza at home the other night...

We both like a saucy pizza. When we make it at home we don't skimp.
We've heard the pizza in Naples is amazing and are looking forward to having a slice or two (or ten) in Italy. Do you guys have any good pizza pie recommendations?


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Last week we feverishly got some rooms painted before our first house showing.

Mina doesn't know how to paint without getting paint all over herself:

Painting can get really frustrating so we try to make it fun by listening to some tunes and dancing around while we're working. This time we threw some old podcasts into the mix - namely The Ricky Gervais Show.

The painting is all done and we've been steadily showing the house. I guess all we can do now is wait for the right buyer. How could they pass after seeing our mad painting skillz?


u of m

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university of manitoba

We visited our alma mater to put up some posters. We decided to wander around one last time...

The tunnels came in handy during the winter. You basically don't have to go outdoors except when you're arriving or leaving for the day, which is convenient given that Winnipeg is known for it's -45 Celsius (-49 Fahrenheit) days.

garbage hill

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Ask any child in Winnipeg where Westview Park is and we'll guarantee that you will be met with a blank stare. Ask them where 'Garbage Hill' is and each and every one of them will be able to point you in the direction of an oasis of elevation in an otherwise flat city.

We're not sure when it happened, or why, or how it happened - but somehow Winnipeg's landfill was turned into a park. The city was expanding into it's own dump and I suppose this was the best solution. Currently, the park is surrounded by a veritable industrial wasteland and is bordered by train tracks. Despite this, it makes a great location to spend an afternoon together.

Kids love tobogganing at this place in the winter, being the highpoint in Winnipeg, it makes for some great rides. We hadn't been here in years and wanted to check it out one last time.

We can't wait to start traveling so that our weekend activities do not include touring a retired dump.


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With so many things that need to be done we tend to forget all the things that we've completed over the past few weeks. We've finished our landscaping, we had our second round of vaccinations, and we've (finally) listed our house for sale!

We also purchased our laptop for traveling. We decided on a Macbook Air. Our two options were an ASUS EEE PC 901 laptop or the Macbook Air. Both laptops feature a solid state drive (no moving parts) and are designed for travel. There were a variety of reasons why we ultimately went with the macbook over the ASUS but it wasn't an easy decision.

We bought the Macbook Air refurbished from Apple and got a good deal. It's the first time that I haven't bought a brand new computer. A co-worker had an interesting theory on why it is better to buy refurbished. He suggested that each of the reconstructed products are quality tested by Apple whereas the new products are only randomly tested. So far we haven't noticed any aesthetic or technical defects and we're very satisfied with our purchase. - Alex

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