Happy Hallowe'en!


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We arrived in Chicago late last night. We're going to spend a day sightseeing before we continue on. We'll fill you in on the details of the drive/trip when we have settled in Toronto. In the meantime, since it's Hallowe'en, here are more old pictures of us, carving pumpkins and handing out candy (something we can't do now that's we're homeless):

step on the gas and wipe that tear away


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Once we left our house, we drove around the city to tie up loose ends. We signed our wills, added items to the safety deposit box (bye wedding rings), and picked up some international driver's licenses. We're on our way to Toronto (via Chicago) right now! We can't believe this is actually happening!

We left Winnipeg in the early evening and battled rain and construction on the highway to stop for the night in Fargo, ND (yeah!)

It's so exciting here:

We're going to go hop in the hotel pool tonight and take off early tomorrow morning to get out of here. 10 hours on the road tomorrow 'til Chicago!



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alex drives to storage

The buyer's possession date for our home was this morning at 9am. We pulled an all-nighter to get all the items into storage, off to charity, or packed for the trip. It was rough - but we got everything out by 8am (cutting it close!) and slept until 2pm. One of our good friends hung out all night with us while we moved. He was so amazing and we can't thank him enough. Our storage unit was packed.  So - we did it! Everything, except the car, was either given away, stored or sold.

The snow was gone when we came back from LA. We took a look at our multi-coloured yard one last time:

front yard

Because we still have a vehicle, our plans have changed (again): ROAD TRIP!

We'll still fly down to Mexico after we ditch the car, but we're going to see a little more of the U.S. and Canada first.  We're tired right now but so incredibly excited about what's to come.

urban light


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I love this photo that Alex took. This installation is entitled Urban Light. Chris Burden's sculpture is a display of 202 restored, cast-iron, antique street lamps and it is located outside of the LACMA. Can you find me?


robot packing boxes

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this is my husband.

a quick los angeles recap


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We saw the most gorgeous sunset as we were landing in L.A. last week (our crappy point-and-shoot photo doesn't do it justice). It made me so excited to be there (amongst other reasons). The weather was perfect, the people were friendly and we had a lovely few days.

Most of the L.A tourist attractions were visited during the last trip, so we weren't too disappointed that we didn't have time to check them out. But, we do feel bad that we didn't have time to check out some of your suggestions. We were really looking forward to them. Besides getting married, (!) our favourite part of the trip was the mini hike we went on near Cold Water Canyon in the TreePeople area.

Alex and I chose Max Wanger to be our wedding photographer. He and his fiancée are the sweetest people and we are so glad to have met them. They helped make our wedding day amazing and went above and beyond as photographers. Not to mention that they are an insanely adorable couple. We love his work and can't wait to see and share the pictures.

en route


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As you read this, we are in an airplane, on our way to Los Angeles. With all the planning for other events, we didn't really have a chance to plan activities for the days leading up to the wedding. We will definitely be visiting KOI, one of our fave restaurants, and we're excited about some suggestions from this previous comment section. Do you guys have any other recommendations that won't take too much time? We'll be staying in the Beverly Hills area and don't want to venture too far away. Thanks in advance!

photo taken from our last trip to LA - January 2008 - Griffith Park Observatory



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Happy Thanksgiving to all you Canadians! We have a lot to be thankful for this year. The other night some friends gave us a lovely send off party with a quasi around-the-world theme.

Alex's last day of work was on Friday and his coworkers were unbelievably generous and supportive of our trip. What a nice bunch of people!

We have been trying to find time to see old friends and family before we leave and are so thankful for the people in our lives that are supporting what we are doing and the ones who have been so encouraging. We still need to make some time to squeeze in a few more people... it's getting so difficult considering all that needs to be done before we leave.

3 days 'til LA - 8 days 'til the wedding!

the first snowfall


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We had hoped that we would have already left the city by the time the snow started falling, but alas, we got the first snow of the season the other day (in our yard, above). We can't believe that just a few weeks ago we were on this same lawn in our summer clothes.

The first snowfall always evokes feelings of Christmas for us. Despite that, we're hoping that this is the last snow we see for at least a year (unless we're hiking a mountain). Speaking of hiking, we made a trip to Mountain Equipment Co-op last week and bought a lot of our travel gear. We'll do a full post about everything we're taking before we leave. We're also going to be updating our wanderlist with some of your wonderful suggestions. Thanks!

things we'll miss - stella's


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This past week we've been busy selling all of our furniture, electronics, and home decor. A lot of the rooms are beginning to look bare. We've also started packing away clothes, picture frames, books, and things we can't part with into boxes.

Our next step is to get married in Los Angeles on the 20th. We're obviously going to be a little busy leading up to our nuptials, but will post updates on our trip preparations.

Although the cold weather is swiftly approaching, we have a few more things that we'll miss about Winnipeg. One of these is Stella's cafe.

Stella's - we will miss your sandwiches, your 'homemade' strawberry jam, your eclectic mix of patrons...

...and we will especially miss your all day breakfast.

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