manneken pis


Whose idea was it to make a statue of a little boy peeing and why is it such a landmark in Brussels? We have no idea. When we mentioned to people that we were going to Brussels, they said "Make sure you visit Manneken Pis!". We looked it up and kind of felt like perverts for looking at a naked child peeing, even if he was made of bronze.

On the day we saw it, it was amidst a zombie crawl, so the statue was dressed up as a vampire that the zombies seemed to be worshiping. (?!)

We walked by later in the day, when all the zombies had retreated from the streets, and saw tourists perplexed as to the purpose of the costume which had been left on the statue.

So, the next time you're in Brussels, you can go visit the statue of the boy who is famously incontinent.

The first photo isn't ours, we didn't get to see it without a costume. {source}

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  1. Anonymous5.8.10

    I too, was totally confused by the fame of Manneken Pis! We couldn't understand to excitement around it, so we took two pictures and left to have a beer. Much more fun.

  2. Whoa! The audience is kind of creepy. I'd be a little freaked out, even knowing it was fake!

  3. oh my that's a lot of zombies!! how crazy!

  4. I don't even know what to say about this. Zombies screaming at a peeing little boy statue??? That's all kinds of funny.

  5. hahaahahaha. that is all.

  6. hahahhah! how odd!!

  7. yeah!! you went to see "Le petit Julien" aka Manneken Pis!!!!!
    The story behind him has somthing to do with a child urinating on some troops or fuse during war. (not sure!)
    But it s kind of weird to see those wanna be zombies in front of it!funny!

  8. yikes, creepy crazy zombie crowd! :-) Wow.
    Laura in Ludwigsburg

  9. When I went to Brussels over a decade ago, they had a nearby copy-cat of a peeing girl but they removed it since because people were upset by it.

    The zombie walk - what a random gathering but it must've been fun!

  10. Why is this zombie thing so amazing? I wish it'd been dressed up when I went to Brussels! Apparently it is one of the most disappointing tourist attractions in Europe. I agree.

  11. Oh yes, I heard the same when I was in Brussel for the first time, "Make sure you visit Manneken Pis!" That time someone told me why it´s a landmark from Brussel, but I forgot it...

    I´m curious to know where´s the next stop! I would say you have to come to Brazil when you come back to america! ;-)