We went to Stephen Starr's restaurant, Buddakan. It's great when you can sample a variety of different fare on the menu and not just one dish. Although the prices (and perhaps fear of gluttony) at Buddakan don't really make it feasible to try the entire menu, the portions make it conducive to sampling several different dishes - which is what we did when we went to their location in Philadelphia.

We both tried grape leaves for the first time. We used to order a bowl of edamame every time we went to sushi restaurants, until we found out that it could be made at home (at which point it became a go-to snack). So, when we saw edamame ravioli (accompanied with white truffle oil) on the menu, we knew it had to be ordered.

The ambiance and decor in Buddakan is worth noting. Upon entering, you are greeted by what seems like a 50 foot gold Buddha statue, which apparently requires all of the property's electricity because the dining room is under-illuminated.

This was our last dinner in Philly before hopping on a train to the 'Big Apple'!


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  1. Yum the edamame ravoli looks delic. Are you soley traveling in the US now?

  2. Ummm, I LOVE that restaurant. Wow, those ravioli look amazing.

  3. very nice. i went to the one in NYC and it was so underilluminated it was impossible to take pictures of the food! ha :)

  4. what a wonderful last dinner! I love edamame too and I get it out and eat it at home (Trader Joes!) that ravioli sounds spendid.

    And re: your comment on my post - I bet you have tasted a lot of different bacon in your travels! I remember the bacon in europe being so different.

  5. Mmm I discovered edamame this summer, and since then its made an appearance in stir-fries and pasta dishes at our apartment. Grape leaves are wonderful...but I've only buy them pre-wrapped near the olive/pepper section of the grocery store.

  6. Ahhh this all looks delicious. I love pictures of food (helps me be more creative in my own kitchen) also, I have never tried grape leaves, I'll be googling it as soon as I'm done with this message.

    Oh, and Im really looking forward to NYC posts:) I love new york!!!!