look to the cookie


black and white cookies
Black and white cookies are a New York institution. They're kind of a spongy shortbread with a fondant topping (half chocolate and half vanilla). Neither of us had heard of the cookie before viewing the infamous Seinfeld scene. We think it was that same episode where they miss out on the chocolate babka and end up purchasing the "lesser babka":

There were a few occasions where we had a chance to purchase a babka, but we didn't. Babkas weren't on any restaurant menus, so our only option would have been to buy an entire cake. We would have felt a little pathetic eating a whole cake alone in our hotel room. So, next time we're in New York, maybe you'll share a babka with us? Chocolate or cinnamon, we're not picky.

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  1. Ha! ha! I love this post!! The clips took me back down memory lane to some of the funniest episodes of Seinfeld!! I loved that show!...I've never had a black and white cookie! But now, thanks to you, Jerry, Elaine, Babka talk, and accidents, I WANT ONE!! ^_^

  2. Ha what a great post!! It made me laugh and now I want a black and white cookie! MMMM!

  3. I have always called them Half Moon cookies!! Whatever their names are, I am heading out to buy some - yumm!

  4. Black and White Cookies are one of the reasons I love New York so much!Love them!!!

  5. This made us laugh really hard. Thank you. p.s. I looked back at your Egypt trip and it reminds me so much of Tangier. Will you be going to Morocco any time soon? I would love to explore other parts.

  6. p.s.s. I really just want to go to Japan.