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We are very happy to report that we will no longer be posting photos of Iguanas.

Originally, we had planned to explore the rest of South America after leaving the Galápagos Islands. However, the mudslides in Peru prevented us from going there at the time. It didn't seem logical to go to South America and skip Macchu Picchu so we decided to head to South Africa instead. After scouring the internet for flight deals, we finally found one that went through Miami.

We both got a cold/flu while we were there (not complaining, but it was a tad chilly compared to where we had come from), so we didn't get to do too much. Valentine's Day was spent in Miami and we went to Urban Outfitters for the first time ever. We stocked up on film and lomo accessories (...and much needed travel items).

Thinking that we may get a break from Spanish was misguided as we ended up staying in an area that was densely populated by Cuban folk. It felt strange to be in the States and go into stores where no one spoke any English.

Coming up: Miami to NYC to Abu Dhabi to South Africa!

isabela part dos

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Isabela Island was formed by the merger of 6 shield volcanoes. All but one of the volcanoes are still active, which makes it one of the most volcanically active places in the world. These photos might give you a feel of what the island was like.

As usual, the food was revolting. It was really disappointing that we weren't able to try more authentic, local food. Perhaps we just didn't know where to go in Puerto Ayora, but on Isabela, we were on a guided tour - so we didn't have a choice.

There were 100% too many boat rides during our time on the Galápagos Islands. Although the views are gorgeous, we think we're going to try to avoid the bumpy ocean rides for a while.

If you're thinking of going to the Galápagos Islands, we highly recommend staying at the Galápagos Suites. It is a lovely B&B and the owners really take pride in the property and the service they provide. We really can't say enough about how much we loved the place, but you can always send us a message!

Next stop: Miami!

blackbird, fly

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The gorgeous views on Isabela Island made the guided tour more bearable. The tour operators were kind enough to let us explore on our own for awhile. Volcanic rock, nesting iguanas, cacti, and coral were abundant and the scenery allowed us to enjoy the walk on an overcast day.

sea lions

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Sea lions are hardly the exotic creatures we thought we'd be seeing when we headed to the Galápagos Islands. My first encounter with these guys was during a whale watching trip in California. The California & Galápagos sea lions aren't identical in appearance, but they are identical in mannerisms and odour in that they are lazy and they smell awful.

wall of tears

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While on Isabela Island, we visited the Wall of Tears (or Muro de las Lagrimas). The wall was given it's name because many convicts died while building the monument. A prison uprising is why the wall wasn't completed and it also caused the end of the use of Isabela Island as a penal colony. Apparently, there are still a few former prisoners, that live on the island, who survived the brutal punishment.

island in the sun

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Isabela Island is one of the youngest islands of the Archipelago.

One of our last stops of the tour was to a lovely beach where we hung out in the sun.


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The animal that we saw most frequently on shirts, postcards, and tour itineraries in the Galapagos was the blue footed booby. We were pretty disappointed that we didn't even see one on the first 5 days on Puerto Ayora. On our tour to Isabela we finally saw hundreds of them.

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