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I promise that this is will our last tapas post (well, at least until we find a tapas restaurant in Montréal or go back to Spain). Actually, it's our last food post from Malaga. It seems that we are often on a different schedule than the locals - which works out well because we skip the queues and places just aren't as crowded. On this particular evening, we grabbed a table in the corner and tried a variety of dishes before the 'taberna' got too busy. 

Migas was the best thing I ate the entire time I was in Spain. I had no idea what it was when I ordered it, but the menu said it was an 'Andalusian specialty' so I figured I'd give it a go. The waiter described it as "fried breadcrumbs". I've since researched it a bit and looked into making it - although it seems easy enough, I have a good feeling that I'd mess it up, so if you know how to make it, feel free to send me some leftovers. 

Tortillitas de Camarones or "Shrimp Cakes", as they were referred to on the English side of the menu, weren't really cakes at all. A little googling provided me with the more common English name of 'Shrimp Fritters'. Wow, these were sooo greasy. I would have liked them with 100% less oil. 

Speaking of oil and shrimp, I ordered the 'Gambas Pil Pil' - prawns in a spicy garlic oil. They arrived with the oil still sizzling in the dish.

Look guys! Here's proof that we sometimes eat vegetables! Some tomato salad with garlic dressing to balance out all the grease.

Something that was on the menu that gave us pause: 'Fried small birds in sauce' - I couldn't locate the Spanish version of the name on the menu so that I could look it up later and wasn't adventurous enough to just order it. It was probably chicken or something innocuous but it sounded too peculiar to try. If any of you have been to Spain or live there, please enlighten us!

'Moroccan spiced beef in a little roll' was Alex's favorite. Due to Spain's proximity to Northern Africa, you'll find many Moroccan inspired dishes on the menus. It vaguely reminded us of the great meals we had in Egypt and made us excited about trying the food when we eventually make our way to Morroco. 


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  1. wow. this meal looks amazing

  2. i can't believe you guys are still traveling around! how wonderful.
    I wish our 3 week Australia trip would have been longer, it was incredible though!
    Oh and : happy belated birthday lady!
    It was my first birthday in Summer.
    Happy traveling! x

  3. I want to run away and see the world. I have seen much of it. I want to live every day to see it. Your post is scrumptious. I want to be there. I would love to get your posts in my mail box. WOuld you consider uploading Feedburner so I could subscribe and do just that.

  4. greasy or not that all looks so delicious. especially the shrimp in garlic oil. mmm

  5. uhh the "shrimp cakes" look delicious!

  6. oooh the migas sound yummy...the fritters look good but i agree on the greasiness, would definitely not like that!

  7. I appreciate just how hard it is to find vegetables on a Spanish menu. That tomatoe salad looks really good though. I'll just have to remember to eat lots of veggies before I return, and prepare myself for the jamon overload.

  8. Anonymous17.2.11

    so are you guys still in spain? where did you travel there?(or where are you traveling there?)
    thanx for the pix of treats! it's neat to see stuff from other cultures.

  9. Y-U-M-M-Y! I wanna try that Gambas Pil-Pil. Being originally from the Philippines, and with all that Spanish influence in our cuisine, shrimps in bubbling, spicy, garlicky oil is just up my alley!

  10. Anonymous17.3.11

    Me encanta este restaurante, probe las croquetas caseras y me encantaron