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rock of gibraltar

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The Rock of Gibraltar is THE landmark of Gibraltar.  Sitting more than a mile above sea level, a large portion of the rock is a protected nature reserve.  The main attraction, besides the view (with the potential to see the African coast on a clear day), are the Babary Macaques that inhabit the reserve.  Tourists are informed that the animals can be aggressive, but we found them to be playful and dismissive of the gawking hordes. 

The signs near the ticket booth did nothing to alleviate our anxiety concerning the apes:

Unfortunately for us it was a pretty foggy day, but it was still worth the trip to the top to see the historic ruins and get a sense of the sheer magnitude of The Rock. 

We'll leave you with a disgustingly cheesy video we made with clips of the monkeys (you've been warned).



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The territory of Gibraltar lies only hours away from Malaga, on an isthmus connected to Southern Spain and within sight of Northern Africa. Our day trip included walking around the walled town, taking a ride to the top of the eponymous Rock of Gibraltar, and revelling in the novelty of the British-ness of the place.

Before we ascended to the top of "the Rock", we toured the city and grabbed some fish n' chips at a traditional pub.


miscellaneous malaga

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This is our very last post from Malaga - just more random shots (+ videos) from around the city. 

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