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the throne room

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Dorian FitzGerald has my undying admiration for the patience it must have taken to create  'The Throne Room', his depiction of the Queluz National Palace in Sintra, Portugal. The colors he used in the windows look like overexposed lighting in a photograph, which is initially what I thought it was at first glance. From as nearby as a few feet away, it has an unbelievably realistic quality. Upon closer inspection, the optical illusion fades into blotches of glossy paint - a completely different landscape. This piece is currently on display at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and I have a feeling that I'm going to go back to have another look.


all you can eat

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"All you can eat", Karine Giboulo's three dimensional processing plant, was our favorite piece at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  These are some shots I took while peeking into the windows of a cardboard building to see these little scenes. After visiting China, the artist wanted to create this to depict the workers who produce so many of our goods.  It is an homage to the Chinese people who work tirelessly, and even live in factory complexes, so that others can have "all you can eat".



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Walking along the cobblestone streets that are still dusted with snow (despite the fact that the calendar has declared that it is Spring) never gets old. I'm still pinching myself over the fact that this city, with it's European charm but distinctly Canadian feel, is now our home. Admittedly, when we weren't in Spain or Quebec City, we were indoors for much of the winter, keeping warm. A considerable amount of time here has been spent doing the commonplace things that are to be expected when you move. Now that we're finally beginning to feel settled, I'm hoping to start exploring the city again with fresh eyes. - Mina

café le hobbit

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If the glowing reviews aren't enough to convince you, the elk sautéed in apples and leeks with rosemary butter might. Cafe Le Hobbit on Rue Saint-Jean was out of our way, but worth the snowy walk for some meaty and elegant dishes on our last night in Quebec City. - Mina

carnaval: day 2

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Day two at the Carnival in Quebec happened to be the last day of the festivities for everyone, so they put on some shows around the ice palace, including a parade with a mascot that is kind of a cross between the Michellin Man and the Pillsbury Dough Boy. We weren't decked out in fur, so we warmed our hands by a fire, took a break to have beaver tails, and went sledding down an ice slide. - Mina

quebec city at night

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A few photos from Quebec City in the moonlight...

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