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la voie libre

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right to move

Photos from Right to Move/La Voie Libre - where our friend James volunteers and where they believe that "bicycles are a form of transportation that should be available to all, regardless of gender, age, wealth or ethnicity".  After thinking about this beauty all winter, I decided that it was ridiculous to spend so much on a bicyclette and found a vintage red cruiser on craigslist. I visited James one evening and he taught me how to true my bicycle wheel and how to change the brake pads and cables.  If you're in Montreal and have a bike that needs a tune up and don't know how to do it, you can check out their schedule and drop by. There's still a lot of work to be done on mine but it gets me from point A to point B for now and we also have our tandem for more leisurely rides. I was hoping to get the bike shiny and new-looking before the summer was through, but the way things I'm shaping up, I'm not sure I'll have the time. Cross your fingers for me. - Mina

la voie libre
brake cables
james at right to move / la voie libre



le maître chocolatier

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thé vert parfumé rose et fraise

The salon de thé and chocolate shop,  Le Maître Chocolatier,  on rue Sherbrooke, in Montreal, was a perfect spot to have some afternoon tea.   I sampled their thé noir aux citrons d'italie, while Alex chose thé vert parfumé rose et fraise. They didn't serve the typical finger sandwiches, but they did have a unique take on the regular cucumber tea sandwich, and a variety of other amuse bouches. Our favourite was the hummus and baked tomato on toast points - so simple that we've made them, at home, several times since (because they were unbelievably good). Alex enjoyed his unusual tea with rose petals and strawberries so much that we picked up a canister to go. - Mina 

macarons at le maître chocolatiertea cup at le maître chocolatier

le maître chocolatier

jams and clotted cream at le maître chocolatier
le maître chocolatier
hummus and baked tomato on toast at le maître chocolatieramuse bouche at le maître chocolatiermacarons at le maître chocolatier
tea spoon

paul's boutique

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paul's boutique

We could spend hours in Paul's Boutique and Sound Central
On this particular day-o, we scored a Harry Bellafonte record for 33 cents.

paul's boutique
the hives

kayaking down the lachine canal

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tandem kayak

If you're ever in Montreal, kayaking down the Canal de Lachine is a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.

kayakpaddlinglachine canalalex
h20 adventures
waterlachine canal
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