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arcade fire + kid koala

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It's been over a month since Arcade Fire played a free show at Place Des Festivals. I found out, a few days prior to the show, that a DJ I loved while I was in high school would be opening. I was excited  to see both Kid Koala and Arcade Fire in one evening (...and some French band that I don't remember the name of). These are some snapshots of the crowd and the show that drew over 100,000 people.  

- Mina 

anniversary movie trailer

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Alex made a video for our two year anniversary using old video clips from our travels and some from our homes. It's incredibly corny and I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard! Of course, I love it but I still can't believe I'm posting this publicly - so embarrassing. You've been warned...

P.S. I'm not deluded... I know that Alex is the pretty one.

mont royal

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Walking up to the top of Mont Royal to get the best view of the city wouldn't have been so difficult if I weren't so terribly out of shape. It was worth the trek though, and I saw a raccoon for the first time! Mont Royal is a popular spot for tourists and there were a ton of them on the day we went. We've been in Montreal for well over a year, but I'm just now starting to feel like this is home. - Mina 

khyber pass

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When we went to Au Pied Du Cochon for Mina's birthday, we walked by a delicious smelling restaurant called Khyber Pass.  We later learned that they serve authentic Afghan food, but we only recently made the time to try it for ourselves.

The appetizers were amazing, particularly the "sambossa" (as it was called on the menu ) which was basically the same as a samosa but had different spices. The main dishes we ordered were served with basmati rice three ways and a really refreshing cucumber salad loaded with cilantro. 

With all of the amazing restaurants in Montreal, we have kept our palates busy and haven't missed the experience of trying new cuisines  around the globe. We are, however, incredibly excited about our upcoming trip to Morocco. If the food there is anything like it was in Egypt, it will be delicious. Right now, we're using pinterest to plan our trip there - if you know of any places we should check out, your recommendations are welcome!

- Alex


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The last you'll see of the apple picking stuff, hope you're not sick of it and enjoy this little video.
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