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shake shack

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Shake Shack was the number one most suggested place in NY when we asked for recommendations. We went to their original location in Madison Square Park, waited in the ridiculously long queue, and shared some delicious burgers. Since we couldn't make it to Brooklyn this time around, I'm glad we got to sample some Mast Brothers Chocolate in the frozen custard that we ordered for dessert. It was so good, that I'll have to make it a priority to go to Brooklyn the next time I'm in NY. 

Thanks for the tip, guys! We loved this place.


  1. I seriously need to find a shake shack, I always hear how delicious it is. That burger looks amazinggggg.


  2. It is worth the wait...luckily for us the Philly one just opened last night!! When we went to the NYC Madison one we were sure to be there before they opened and managed to be first in line ;)

  3. My sister and I went there last summer. It was at about 8 or 9pm and the line was SOOO long. It took almost an hour and a half! The burgers were good and I loved the lights but that's a pretty long wait!

    Your hair looks really cute like that Mina. :)

  4. Since I read the word shake shack this morning (didn't read the post yet) I've got the song 'love shack' stuck in my head. Oh, damn.

  5. shake shack is on my list of must-go places when i visit in september! i'm glad to hear good things about it from you!

  6. What a great little space you have here. I adore all your photos. You should add San Francisco to your travel list :)

  7. the burgers look so good! i am adding shake shack to my list of places to visit in new york. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  8. This looks delicious! And you are so beautiful Mina!

  9. You capture things so beautifully, and I love that you plan to hit Brooklyn during your next visit! :)

  10. k obsessed with these photos! take me with you on your next adventure! i can maybe fit in the suitcase?;)

  11. It's the best! I used to eat there once a week when I lived in NYC!!!


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