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bryant park

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I walked around Bryant Park by myself one morning. The warm sunny days that we were fortunate to get for a day or two suddenly went back to winter coat-wearing weather. This Bryant Park definitely wasn't the bright, cheery picnic spot that I remembered from our summer in NYC, but beautiful all the same. - Mina


dallas bbq

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After running around The McKittrick Hotel for a few hours, we stumbled into the first restaurant that we saw. Dallas BBQ was packed with people. It was lively, loud, and the servers were so friendly.

I asked our waiter what an "onion loaf" was and he informed me that it was basically a plate of onion rings. I ordered the "small" portion, aptly titled the lil' onion loaf. Generally speaking, New York City doesn't fall into the big portion size stereotype that many other cities in the US adhere to, so I really wasn't expecting a massive pile of fried onions - not so lil' after all. 

I swear that we looked for a restaurant that serves healthy food... but everything else in the area was closed. I thought New York was supposed to be the city that never sleeps?

sorry about all the crappy instagram photos lately. 
we'll give it a rest after the ny posts. 

sleep no more

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Our friends are surely sick of how much we've been raving about Sleep No More. I just can't get over how unique of an experience it was. It's one of those things that you'll enjoy infinitely more if you don't know too much going in. So, I won't say anything else... except that you should go if you get the chance. - Mina

Some links about the show, if you're curious: New York Times | Jude Law talks about Sleep No More | Cool Hunting

sock puppet portraits

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We met this guy when we were walking on the high line. He makes and sells portraits of sock puppets. I think they're adorable. - Mina

fuji instax in nyc

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We bought this Fuji Instax camera well over 2 years ago and are still on the first pack of film. For shame! The last time we took photos with it was also in New York on the Brooklyn Bridge. It's a fun camera and I'm hoping to finally move onto another pack this summer. Hope you guys are having a lovely weekend!

the high line

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While spending the afternoon at the High Line, we saw this guy with a sign that read: "Sit & Talk. Topic: Role Models"
New Yorkers, is this a thing?  

new york: day one

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First day of our trip to NYC:

Washington Square Park.  | Chipotle for lunch. (don't judge us, there aren't any in Montreal)   | Rice to Riches for dessert.
| Walking aimlessly around NoLIta and a visit to the MoMA store. |
Finding out that the New Museum was closed.
| Strand. |

Momofuku for dinner 
- then across the street to the Milk Bar for some compost cookies + cereal milk soft serve with cornflakes.
...and a cab ride back to the hotel.

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