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el rey del taco

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Alex heard about El Rey Del Taco from one of his coworkers who described it as having "authentic" Mexican food. It's definitely the closest we've come to our meals in Mexico City (we still talk about how much we love that place, mostly because of the food, nearly 3 years later). Now, every time we're at Jean Talon market, we make El Rey Del Taco a priority - to share some tacos and get some "homemade" guacamole to go.  - Mina

trapeze lessons

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I thought that trapeze would feel like a cross between monkey bars and zip-lining (which we did in Costa Rica and both really enjoyed). I was so wrong. It's completely safe (unlike the zip-lining in Costa Rica, where I'm convinced that it was entirely possible that we could have fell 700 feet to our deaths), the trapeze was terrifying (and a little painful).

We both really sucked. Despite my unsubstantiated fear, the whole evening was actually a great experience... even if my dreams of being in Cirque du Soleil were shattered.

The video was taken on our iPhone and we look completely ridiculous. - Mina

jean talon market

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Visiting Jean Talon Market in the summer is a perfect way to spend an afternoon.
We left with fresh fruit, flowers, and full bellies.

butterflies go free

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Thousands of butterflies were set free in the Montreal Botanical Garden's climate-controlled greenhouses for the 15th annual edition of the 'Butterflies Go Free' exhibit. Visitors were encouraged to walk through the greenhouse and view the many different species of butterflies in flight. The countries that the butterflies hail from include Costa Rica, Indonesia, Tanzania, and Ecuador but the exhibit also showcased local butterfly species.

The main greenhouse in the Botanical Garden is heated up to 29 degrees and filled with tropical plants and flowers to simulate the butterfly's natural habitat.

Touching the butterflies could easily injure them, so visitors are told not to. However, the butterflies will often land on people, in which case you just wait for them to fly away. It seems that the children in the greenhouse were able to attract the butterflies fairly easily; this may be because of kids' tendency to wear brighter clothing than adults. One little girl got tired of holding onto a butterfly and ended up transferring it to Alex's hand. After a few moments (and a photo-op, of course), he transferred the butterfly to another little kid who was lamenting that one hadn't landed on her. - Mina

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