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new york city

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New York! Again! Alex had a conference to attend so I tagged along for the weekend. Some photos:

ottawa weekend: day two

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I think we managed to see the most popular the tourist sights during our weekend in the nation's capital, but missed a few... a reason to go back. After a nice brunch at Domus CafĂ©, we checked out some thrift stores, witnessed someone's trailer home being stolen from under their nose, and headed to the National Gallery of Canada where we spent most of the afternoon. There was a Van Gogh exhibit that, I think, is still on - if you have the chance to check it out, you should.  It's also worth going there just to see the beautiful garden courtyard.

We didn't plan dinner in advance, so we used the TripAdvisor app on our phone to tell us where to go. That app sucks in Montreal because the restaurants aren't categorized properly, but it happened to work well in Ottawa. You just press "find restaurants near me" and then it sorts them by reviewers' ratings. It listed three restaurants within a few feet of where we were standing. We decided to get some sushi (really good sushi at Wasabi). I've finally convinced Alex, a staunch hater of seafood, that lobster is delicious. 

Most of Byward Market was closed by the time we arrived, but we were able to buy some fudge at The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and found a tea store, aptly called Tea Store, that has a ridiculously huge selection of teas with cute names. The ladies working there were friendly and quite helpful. 

Before we got back into the car, we saw a BeaverTails stand and couldn't pass up the opportunity to share the overpriced cinnamon-sugar dessert. Then we drove home in the rain. - Mina

Thanks to Sara, who sent us a great list of recommendations to help us plan the weekend.

ottawa weekend: day one

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Weekend getaway at the end of June - drove 2 1/2 hours from Montreal to Ottawa.

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