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road trips

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Driving is unequivocally my favourite way to travel. You just throw all your stuff in your car and go. No security, no weight restrictions on luggage, no crying babies... you can play your music loudly, bring all the liquids you want, roll down the window if it gets too stuffy, and when your legs get cramped you just hop out of the car and run around. The only negatives that I can think of is dealing with border agents (I always get nervous for absolutely no reason and sometimes slightly annoyed by the vaguely racist questions) and maybe toll highways. But still, I wish I could drive everywhere.

The short road trips we took this summer were the best and I'm crossing my fingers for one more before the snow falls (Maine? Massachusetts? New Brunswick? So many choices). Have you guys been to any of those places? Have any recommendations? 

These photos were taken on the drive back to Montreal from Bleu Lavande. Finding random and strange things along the way is always amusing... like this house:

 I got out of the car and poked around to see what it was all about (so nosy). Turns out it's some sort of haunted house but unfortunately it was closed. Also, it's for sale! Here's the listing. You can have your very own cauldron in the front yard, gargoyles on your stoop, and a tennis court in the back yard. C'est bizarre.

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bleu lavande

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Sometime in the middle of the summer, we drove 2 hours away from Montreal to Bleu Lavande, the lavender fields in Fitch Bay. There weren't many people around so it was relatively quiet aside from the buzz of the bees as they went from one flower to the next. P.S. I don't make a habit of frolicking through fields. We wanted a self timer shot of us together but I was too tubby to make it back in time. - Mina


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When it suddenly started to rain, we slipped into a random Indian restaurant to avoid getting completely soaked. We sat by the window and watched people who were smarter than us, those who had the foresight to leave their homes with umbrellas, hurriedly walk by as we ate Aloo Gobi, Butter Chicken, and Chana Masala. This wasn't the first time that we've run through a downpour without an umbrella and I'm kind of hoping it won't be the last.

tree climbing and zip lining

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Our visit to Arbraska in Riguad was the most fun I had all summer. I've never heard of anything like this before.... it's like an obstacle course in the trees. Their website describes it as "3 hours of aerial courses of various difficulty levels with courses made of various structures such as monkey wires, climbing nets, suspended bridges, swings and thrilling zip lines that make you progress in the forest canopy." We saw people of all ages there (including a bachelorette party).

Alex and I agreed that it would have been the perfect place to go as a kid or a fun place to take children (there are smaller set ups for them). Kids probably wouldn't be as sore as we were the next day. It's either an incredible workout or I'm disgustingly out of shape (probably a little of column A and a little of column B).

I wasn't planning on documenting the day and left the camera in the car, but we had the iPhone. I'm glad that we ended up with some photos and video. I can't wait to go back next summer.

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