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shelburne farms

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On our way to Burlington/Montpelier, we stopped at Shelburne Farms. We arrived slightly too late to do the tour, but the rain let up just in time to enjoy the peaceful walk on the trail to Lake Champlain. - Mina

a rainy drive to vermont

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The fall foliage coupled with the light rain made our drive to Vermont extra beautiful.

three years

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Today was our 3 year wedding anniversary! A few weeks ago we went on a trip to Vermont and were taken with it's charm. So, to celebrate the occasion, we decided to tour other parts of New England. We've been spending the last few days around New Hampshire. We arrived in Boston this afternoon and had a sushi dinner and relaxed in the Public Garden and Boston Common; it was wicked piss-ah. (I totally just learned that term today when I saw it on a t-shirt. It reminds me of that Boston teenagers skit from SNL with Rachel Dratch and Jimmy Fallon. I want buy one before we leave... a t-shirt, not a teenager). Hope you guys are having a great weekend. - Mina

*video taken on the iPhone this past summer
+ this anniversary video, that I love, that Alex made for me last year

apple picking

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I think apple picking might become a yearly tradition for us... that is, if we can be so lucky to always live close enough to an apple orchard. We came home with 2 ten pound bags. Besides just eating them raw, I've made enough apple crisp to last forever (and by forever, I mean a week). - Mina

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