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portsmouth part 1.

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It continued to rain when we arrived in Portsmouth and drizzled well into the evening, which neither of us minded at all. It meant that I got to use my ridiculous umbrella. The only downside is that you'll now be subjected to looking at my unfortunate, matted hair. Sorry. 

We dropped off our luggage then set out to explore the area around our accommodations. After a dinner at The Wellington Room, we went to see The Woman in Black at The Seacoast Repertory Theatre. The theatre was attached to our B&B and the owner gave us free tickets. Normally, we wouldn't have considered seeing a play while on vacation but it was a nice, relaxing evening... even if the play was a little creepy. It seemed like all the audience members were friends and that everyone knew who the tourists were. What a sweet little place. - Mina

live free or die

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Another rainy roadtrip... 

The license plate slogan in New Hampshire is 'Live Free or Die'. That's pretty intense and didn't really match the vibe of the quiet seaside town of Portsmouth. Apparently it replaced 'Scenic' in the 70s which is probably more fitting but definitely not as exciting. - Mina

happy birthday, alex!

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Happy Birthday to my favourite person and best friend. 
Here's to a million more hugs, late night bike rides, and laughs about my weird jokes. 
Love you!

Back to regularly scheduled travel stuff tomorrow!

back to montreal

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Snapped this photo of Alex as we stopped to stretch out our legs on the way back to Montreal. 

ziemke glass blowing studio

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Our last stop in Vermont was Ziemke Glassblowing Studio where they have free demonstrations. We happened to walk in just as Glenn Ziemke (well, at least I think it was him) was starting to blow some glass. It was cool to see him make a candle stick holder within a few minutes. There was a window between us and his workshop as I imagine it gets pretty hot in there. We sat on a bench while a lady in the attached shop narrated what he was doing. He made it look easy but there's likely a lot of training, skill, and knowledge that goes into the craft. It even seems like it could be slightly dangerous, but he was cool and calm the entire time. He's obviously been doing this for years. - Mina


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I'm sure everyone who has ever been to Stowe would call it charming, quaint, lovely, and every other twee adjective that you can think of. I mean, look at this place:

depot street malt shop

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I love a kitschy diner. Our visit to Stowe started with a lunch of a burger and fries for Alex, and a chili for me, at the Depot Street Malt Shop. Their sugary vanilla and cherry cokes were the perfect accompaniment. The malt chocolate shake that we shared for desert wasn't bad either. - Mina

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