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two thousand and twelve

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Happy New Year!

starry sky in vermont

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On the way home from Boston, we stopped in Burlington for dinner and were lucky to witness a beautiful night sky filled with stars.  - Mina

charles river esplanade

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After walking around Beacon Hill and Acorn Street, we went into The Paramount for lunch because it was nearby. The weather was surprisingly amazing in October, so we walked to the Charles River Esplanade. I thought that a dock, right in the middle of the city, was an unusual and brilliant way to be able to enjoy the water - cheers to the person who decided to make that happen. It's a beautiful place to relax and watch the boats.

Before we left the city, we made sure to stop at Flour where I finally got my Boston Cream Pie and Alex got a sticky bun... a delicious end to our time in Boston. - Mina 

A big thanks  to Malia who recommended almost all of the places we visited on this trip. You''re the best!

beacon hill & acorn street

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Having never visited Boston, I had certain preconceived notions of how it would look: narrow streets, row houses, and brick sidewalks. Nowhere is this vision more complete than in the desirable Beacon Hill neighborhood where former residents include Sylvia Plath and Robert Frost. We walked through the area one afternoon, visiting the Massachusetts State House and the oft-photographed Acorn Street. - Alex

joyeux noël!

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Holiday greetings from our home in Montreal to you, where ever you are!  We hope you're able to spend this season with the people you love most.

our old christmas "cards": here

top of the hub

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Usually when there's some sort of gimmick involved with a restaurant, they get away with skimping on the quality of the food. Luckily for us, Top of the Hub was an exception and our dinner there was excellent. It's definitely worth the visit for the view (my photos don't do it justice). I also tried clam chowder for the first time and was glad to have had the experience in New England. I loved it; although Alex warned me that not all clam chowders are created equal. - Mina


boston - day three

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After a seafood lunch at Atlantic Fish Co., which was a short walk away from our hotel room in Copley Plaza, we set off to explore historic downtown Boston and the Long Wharf. It was a perfect day of sightseeing. - Mina

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