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rue ste-catherine est

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Claude Cormier's installation of 170, 000 pink balls suspended over Saint Catherine Street is one of my favourite things in Montreal. I'm going to miss hanging out on the patios under the canopy of "les boules roses" when I leave this city. - Mina

wtf, montreal?

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There was a snowstorm in Montreal on Friday. Apparently this city hasn't gotten the memo that it's April. On the plus side, we had one last snow day together. Alex left early Saturday morning. I'm super excited for him but already miss my best pal. I'm hoping that I can make time to take a few trips to SF before moving there, indefinitely, in December. - Mina

*Thanks so much for the kind comments about our move!


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We celebrated a few achievements with a gluttonous meal at Au Pied De Cochon - a favourite restaurant of ours that can only be enjoyed sparingly as every dish there is an indulgence.

I've been planning a weekend getaway to Washington, DC and crossing my fingers that the cherry blossoms will be in bloom. I may have already pinned more than we can handle for two days, but let me know if there's anything we absolutely can't miss.

It always feels strange when I neglect this space but I'm excited to share some news soon.* Thanks for sticking around, friends. - Mina

*Not a baby! I guess I'm just in that phase of life where I need to attach that addendum any time I declare good news.


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The western tip of Montreal Island is where you'll find the Ecomuseum - a zoo filled with injured wildlife, native to the Saint Laurence Valley region, that could not survive in the wild .  We visited on a sunny morning, and watched animals play, feed*, and nap. *A few of the photos are a little graphic, so if you're put off by that stuff, avert your eyes.

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