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new year's eve

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Our initial plans to venture out into San Francisco for NYE turned into watching the fireworks from Alex's roof... but we ended up just stepping out onto the balcony in our bathrobes at 11:59pm. We're getting old. 

It was awesome to just walk back into the apartment after the show was over instead of fighting our way through the drunken masses. I felt pretty spoiled to have that view, even if it was partially obstructed... and it was considerably warmer than last year.

I'm really excited about 2014. I've had several medical issues over the last few years that sometimes keep me from doing everything I'd like to. I'm hoping that the health care in SF is better than it is in Montreal. Here's to wellness, happiness, and courage this year. Thanks so much for following along. Your positivity and kind notes are appreciated more than you know. xo - Mina

new year's eve grand ball at old port

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You've likely seen too many photos of fireworks by now, but here are ours from the evening anyway. We rang in the New Year at Old Port with what they call the Grand Ball. I don't typically associate ski pants and tire d'Ă©rable with "grand balls", but I guess that's how they do it in Montreal. There was also ice skating, hot chocolate, and lots and lots of snow. - Mina


nye times two

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New Years Eve in Times Square was out of control. I had a feeling it wouldn't be our scene but decided it might be amusing to check it out anyway because we didn't know what else to do. It was fun, but exhausting. Confetti, streamers, silly hats and sparkly 2011 sunglasses were plentiful.

We actually celebrated 'the countdown' twice. The first was on the flight from Madrid to NYC. They served "champagne" (sparkling wine) at midnight (Spain time) and the passengers* decided to do away with the usual airplane etiquette and partied on the plane:

We were in New York during the summer when there was an attempted bomb attack, so we expected extra high security, but were still shocked to see full combat gear and rifles.  There were so many police and they seemed angry -  which was also to be expected, I suppose, considering they had to talk to drunk people all evening. There's nothing more sad than a pretty girl in a pretty dress stumbling around with smeared lipstick and vomit in her hair.  Last year for NYE, we went to see a friend's band play. This year: an 8 hour plane ride and dodging drunks in Times Square. Next year, we've vowed to get into our pajamas at 10pm and watch the countdown on TV with a cup of hot chocolate - no more crazy shenanigans for us (I say that now, but I'll probably be eating my words).


*I'm not sure if this is accurate, but I think I found an explanation for their makeshift head-wear here
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