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wtf, montreal?

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There was a snowstorm in Montreal on Friday. Apparently this city hasn't gotten the memo that it's April. On the plus side, we had one last snow day together. Alex left early Saturday morning. I'm super excited for him but already miss my best pal. I'm hoping that I can make time to take a few trips to SF before moving there, indefinitely, in December. - Mina

*Thanks so much for the kind comments about our move!

lac des castors

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In an attempt to make friends with winter this year, we've been trying to get out for as many walks as possible. I doubt the novelty of freshly fallen snow will ever wear off on me. This certainly isn't a love letter to the season, but winters are much more tolerable in Montreal than they ever were in Winnipeg. If only I still didn't have to wear a thousand layers to leave the house...

These are a few more images (and an iPhone video of us being embarrassingly silly) from this day in late December. - Mina  

P.S. No Alexs were harmed in the making of the video; he fell over purposely to make me laugh.

+ our previous videos and photos from Lac Des Castors a.k.a Beaver Lake


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Thanks for the birthday greetings. You're fabulous. I made this for you.
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