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Never having been to Mexico before, we've been pleasantly surprised with the variety of new tastes and ingredients. Although Mexico City offers global fare, we've been sticking to Mexican dishes. We ate lunch at El Califa, a neighborhood favourite. Their signature appetizer is chicharron de queso (crispy fried cheese). I obviously had no choice but to try it:

Mina's preferred dish is the taco al pastor, which can be likened to shawarma on a soft corn tortilla with lots of cilantro. My pick is the ribeye taco, although the condiments are a touch too spicy for me. A generous serving of limes seem to be a standard side.

Tomatos, onion and avocado are rarely missing from the table. Although Mina and I usually don't drink alcohol, I like to sample local drinks (alcoholic or otherwise). A waiter suggested I try a Michelada, which was a mixture of beer, lemon juice, and salt. I've tried lemon-beer drinks before, but the salt was an interesting touch. Mina has always hated beer, but was curious enough to try it. We both agreed that it had it's appeal, but that we probably wouldn't order it again. The best thing about all of this amazing food is how affordable it is. Most of our nice dinners together have cost less than $20.


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  1. Anonymous12.12.09

    Crispy fried cheese is delicious!

  2. AH I love schwarma. I'm glad you're both having a great time!

  3. All the food.. you should have had a warning that said "Do not read on empty stomach!"

  4. Yum on the crispy fried cheese. Those avocados look perfect!

  5. my tummy is rumbling looking at all of these photos! it all looks so delicious!

  6. Anonymous12.12.09

    Dev and I don't drink much either. It's more of a rare occasion type thing, and even then we might have one drink each. Most people can't understand this. Anyhow, it's refreshing to hear :)

  7. Yum ! I love avocados with pretty much anything ! These look perfect

  8. i've been so out of blog world i didn't even know you guys took off already!! how exciting! that food looks amazing!!

  9. Crispy. Fried. Cheese.
    Those might be my three favorite words in the English language.

  10. Be careful down there...

  11. Micheladas are great! And the food at Califa is excelent, I love going there!
    I'm glad to see that you guys are enjoying the city. I think that someone else suggested this before but do try to go to the pyramids, it's only a couple of hours away from the city and it's really worth it.

  12. Less than 20 bucks? Amazing!