30 rock + macgruber!


We've been big fans of Saturday Night Live for a very long time. We even watched it when it got really bad and think that some of the skits have started to get a little better recently. We're also big fans of Conan and Jimmy so, naturally, we had to check out the NBC studios. Since Conan is no longer employed by NBC, all the Conan merch was on sale in the NBC store (including a sweet Pale Force lunchbox that I really wanted but it was a bit too bulky for my bag).

We think that Will Forte has been one of the funniest cast members on SNL in a long time. Imagine our surprise when he walked into Just Salad (where were were eating lunch) and picked up a wrap. Like a bunch of teeny-boppers, we ran after him to say 'hi'.

He was so incredibly nice and chatted with us about how he was working on President's Day because he was doing the last few edits of the new MacGruber movie. We told him about our trip and he said that he would like to trade spots with us (to which I responded: "But, you're MacGruber!")

We didn't go on the studio tour because of our limited time there, but had fun exploring 30 Rock nonetheless. Perhaps we'll do the tour when we go back in May!

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  1. haha "but you're macgruber!" that's classic. how neat that you guys got to meet him!! i agree that SNL has gotten a lot better lately :) looks like you both had fun!

  2. Awesome! Makes the visit that much cooler and good to hear he's a nice guy. I like him even more now :)

  3. sweet run in! we love him too! ;)

  4. AWESOME! New York is definitely the best. I always get hot cocoa from the starbucks in Rockefeller Plaza, and there's always a celeb waiting for their coffee.

  5. oh my gosh! i LOVE will forte! he's absolutely hysterical, i'm totally excited about the macgruber movie. ;) how amazing that you got to meet him!

  6. Love it! You two are living the dream!

  7. That is so cool. How lucky to see MacGruber.

  8. you should get Fallon tickets when you're in town! it's fun. when we went my boyfriend got featured on the show, haha