dog day afternoon


New Yorkers really love their dogs. We were surprised to see so many dog walkers (and big muscle-y guys with Paris Hilton-type 'accessory' dogs). It reminded us of the dog parks in Mexico City.

Despite the lack of square footage when it comes to real estate options, it seems that man's best friend still makes it into people's hearts and homes. Perhaps it's because there are so many great parks and (for the people who don't pay to have their dogs walked) it must be a nice excuse to go outside and get some fresh air.

We didn't need a dog to enjoy the park, but definitely saw some interesting ones with even more interesting owners. We're also convinced that we saw the biggest dog in the world:

Can you tell the scale of the dog from the photo? We were kinda afraid to get too close.

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  1. Great post!! Yeah, a man and his dog WILL find somewhere to walk and play!!...And that is a B-I-G dog, but believe it or not, I've seen bigger! Can you say GREAT DANE?!!! ^_^

  2. this post makes me so homesick! Walking a dog in New York has to be one of the best ways to spend a day. How much longer are you in the city for?

  3. I LOVE dogs! I grew up with the most wonderful Weimaraner, and she passed away a few years ago. I'm just waiting for the day my life is stable enough to bring home another pup. I miss having pets so much!

  4. What a lovely St Bernards. They truly are huge but very friendly. I saw a few when I visited Switzerland.

  5. Omg he's HUGE! Some lovely photos x

  6. oh my gosh, that st. bernard is HUGE!! i love it.

  7. Anonymous28.11.10

    Oh my god. THAT DOG. I want him so bad.

    Beautiful pictures, by the way! What kind of camera do you use?

  8. the only pet i ever have is fish hahaha..
    the park is awesome! n that like giant!

  9. Great photos!!

    That last dog is massive!! I bet he's really friendly. I'd love to live in a place where I could have a dog- maybe in a few years!

    Are you guys in MTL now? Can't wait to read posts about it... xx

  10. awww, how I love dogs+that st.bernard, what a cutie.

  11. I'm curious... how are there green trees in New York, in late November?

  12. I love your blog! These pics are really nice, I like the one with the dog swimming around the lake.

  13. That dog is bigger than me!
    So sweet.

  14. PoetessWug We were exaggerating a bit! I remember seeing a Great Dane when I was little and thinking that maybe it just seemed huge because I was so small.

    Rebecca Yale We left NY a long time ago. We're just catching up on posts because we are bad bloggers.

    hellotaylor Thanks! For these pictures, a Canon T2i - we'll probably do a post about cameras soon.

    Vivian Yep! We should be catching up shortly!

    Steven CainMagic. These photos are from the summer (see the about page).

    Maria Sondule Thank you!!

  15. cute dog post. and that Beethoven dog is HUUUUUUGGEEE, but looks completely harmless and sweet :)


  16. awww I used to have a St. Bernard! They loooove people.

    I am so glad you loved New York. Next time you should venture out of the city though!

    Go "upstate", check out the catskills, WoodStock etc. . .