kemp & eden (feat. sean lennon)


Kemp & Eden played at The Living Room on our last day in New York. I foolishly forgot to bring I.D and was refused entry into the venue. While Alex and I were standing on the street discussing how this was a pathetic end to our trip, Sean Lennon was chatting with a photographer behind me. Alex suggested that I ask Sean to help me get in, since he was performing that evening. Considering that I didn't have the nerve to even say hi to him the last time he stood next to us at a show, I surprised myself by telling him my sad story. He was really cool about it and asked to get "my friend, Mina" in - I'm not deluded about the extent of our relationship (or lack thereof) but !!!! anyway. 

The entire night, the owner/bartender kept coming up to Alex and telling him to make sure that his "underage girlfriend" doesn't drink. I was pretty pleased that someone actually thought I was under 21 but I don't think that Alex was amused. - Mina

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  1. LOL! How awesome! This is such a good story to tell forever. You'll always be "friends" with Sean (first name basis friendship, obviously) too. and Kemp is too gorgeous.

  2. That was so sweet of him, and good for you.

    / Avy

  3. What a brilliant story!

  4. Wait what. I just died nine times. Holy shit!
    I love when people end up being out of this world chill.

  5. I send You postcard from Tuscany :))

  6. I love how you capture the moment on your camera. How exciting must your life be! :)

  7. I still think this is the most amazing thing ever!!

  8. Not only is that an amazing story, but OHMYGOD I can't believe HOW MUCH your friend Sean looks like his father! I would have fallen over at the thought of talking to someone with 1/2 of John Lennon's DNA.

  9. I would have died if Sean Lennon spoke to me, wow! These photos are sensational, just amazing!!!!!!!!!